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How to grow closer to God

Stay Woke or get Played!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe💃 Up and About and Round they go💃 Yappity yap they have a go💃 At the tree they were told to let go💃 Now they have no place to go💃 Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!💃           Honey, I can rhyme! 😎 Say whaaat? I'm already thinking about launching my rap career because I changed the words of a nursery rhyme😄. I could go platinum with this ( Bigger than Cardi B🙊 ). Maybe I overthink everything(Which I do😐).  Back to earth now. So Up and about Adam and Eve go. Naked. Un-ashamed. Just flaunting what God gave them and since they didn't have any human friends they probably had this dance parties with the wild animals💃. Some really wild parties (Don't let this pun pass you by😉). Don't ask me about the music😄. If you've watched Penguins of Madagascar, then the parties King Julian has are the only thing that comes to mind😧. Who gives King Julian references and quotes nursery rhymes on a deep post?😦 (Only you weirdo...not you reading writing this…

Oops! I'm Too messed up!

Dear Abba, My Faithful God;

You said, "Go and sin no more!" Though my eyes could not meet Yours because of the shame that crippled me🙍. I started running the third time the cock crowed in denial of you yet You looked at me and said I was fit to be the rock upon which you would build your church😧. You threw a party just for me though I squandered everything😣. Swallowed by the sea to flee from You Yet you still wanted me to be your mouthpiece😲. You knew my history yet you still asked me for a drink from the well😭. Sold You for a little silver and a kiss yet even for me, you endured the cross😯. Killed a man to love his woman but you still looked at me and said I was a man after your own heart😧. How was it possible that losers like us would be the very people you chose to follow you and to spread your word?😕 I'd like to look in the mirror without hiding my eyes and I'd like to see what you see and why you think I am qualified? 🙇Why do fiery branches speak my nam…

No to the return of The Toxic Ex-lover!

Pick up lines💭 Sigh! Boy oh boy!😃  I'm I the only one who receives very corny pick up lines? Like super corny I get hungry just thinking about it (see what I did there?😉) Once, a guy told me he thought I was so pretty I could make water come out of fossils👷. My oh wamae! Who even says that? 😒Can fossils and pretty co-exist in the same sentence, get married and live happily ever after? 💑❔The last time I heard about fossils was in History class when I was cramming that topic of Zinjanthropus and homo rhodensiensis (I'm not even sure that is academically correct but it makes me look like I earned that A in History KCSE👀...Heey Mr.Maido👋👋). Then someone reminds me of that horror experience through a pick up line? 😠There's another breed of homo sapiens sapiens(sorry I just had to do that😂😃) that somehow forgets most of the alphabets so their typical pick up line looks something like this (good luck decoding it)...''U R xo Dem kyute Jry. Luv ua …