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Starve your fears

              Fear is the enemy of all our dreams and hopes.It is a virus that eats into our systems leaving messed up confidence levels.Fear is dramatically powerful and capable of ruining our lives.I know these questions sound familiar to us all..what if it does not work? what if he does not like me? what if i fail? what if I'm rejected?
           Well,that was my dilemma before starting this blog.Those little evil voices in my head telling me that I am not good enough to do a proper write-up.I literally felt like i would never fit in anywhere.It is hard to tell yourself to rise up when all odds are against you and when you feel defeated.
         When i was growing up,I had a lot of fear.My childhood basically involved television all day,all week which meant i had no social life outside school.We lived in a school where my dad was a teacher and i was apparently a student there too.It was located in the interior so after schools closed i was all alone given the fact that i am an only child.It was tough because i always wondered how i would fit in when i joined high school and eventually campus.Amazingly,i was no misfit but the fear was still haunting me because relating seemed quite difficult.I always felt the need to feel accepted and my fear was losing the few friends i had acquired over the years.
       I joined campus and reality hit me hard in my second year but let's just say i saw the light.I knew that i cannot continue to live in fear of the unknown and fear of rejection.The more i fed these fears,the more i starved my faith and now i fully comprehend that i can do anything through Christ who gives me strength.
     You may feel like you are too afraid to start or even move forward from where you are but i tell you today that those voices in your head can be conquered by a little faith.Don't feel the pressure to be someone you are not and certainly be not afraid of man who has the same breath as you do.Everyday reassure yourself that you are beautiful,wonderful and on this earth with a purpose.Fear comes from the devil who just wants to see you bitten and defeated but remember that your father in heaven loves you and he wants you to take on this world with all the confidence.He is your number one cheer leader.
   We have so many dreams in our hearts;stories unwritten,love untold,songs unheard,business ideas untapped and so much more.Living in a world where judgement easily befalls on us,we often bury away everything we had set out to do.The only opinion that will ever matter is that of God so fear is weakened by all means and if the world laughs at your ideas,do not be dismayed because God would be so proud of you having faced your fears.
     Girls,strut this world like it is your runway and look in the mirror and encourage your beautiful self.Guys,take a bible and know that all the promises in there are for you to claim and so you need not be afraid.Fear is just 'false evidence appearing real.'Once you realize that you are an awesome human being with a potential superpower called faith waiting for you to tap into then you my dear will take on the world with your head held high.
Keep smiling.You matter.


  1. I like this part, 'Guys take a Bible and knwo that all the promises in there are for you to claim...'

    Beautiful, lyrical and spiritual. Continue writing


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