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Will these Dead Dry bones Come to life?

You might want to borrow some chills from the cool folk before reading this first paragraph(It's just a heads up yoh)

What if God told you to go to a cemetery and speak to the graves there and call the decayed bones to Life?(Don't shoot me with emoji guns just yet; I'm going somewhere with this)
I dunno about you but me...I'd first laugh sarcastically(that evil laugh) then cry then cry more and beg Him to change the assignment. I mean seriously...Who wants to see a zombie apocalypse and renaissance erupt and act totally cool with it?!You know those films Holywood shamelessly lies to us about? Inter alia Z Nation, The Walking Dead, iZombie and The Strain...Imagine those coming in 3D in real life!No Thank you!Father Send me to the Lions instead like Daniel which is also alittle freaky....bleh!I coulda done it!(*cue in Obama's Yes I Can slogan*) I mean...they just little lions without teeth,right dad? 
God: No they are real mighty teethed lions child!
Me: *crying*
God: But you know I'll show up. I got you.
Me: *stops crying* Aaaaaw! *Group hug*

          God must have had a sense of humor when He sent Prophet Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones. But you know what? He knew Ezekiel could do it! Yaay for Ezzy!(I just want to call him Ezzy honestly, sounds hip if he was in this generation...Prophet Ezzy yoh) Lemme break it down for you if you don't know this cool story(Ezekiel 37). Abba through His Spirit sent Ezzy to a valley covered with bones and asked him to prophesy into them and command breath from the wind to the bones. So dauntless Ezzy (this guy was the bomb yoh) obeyed and voila! What was dead came to life and that's not even the juicy part of the narrative....The bones were enough to form an army! Hallelujah! Nobody can tell me that God isn't the coolest or the most amazing coz' I can't get over the wondrous splendor of amazing stories like this(beats whatever shenanigans holywood cooks up).

          So I've been trusting God with something for more than ten years now which means from when I was like 11 years old (don't stress over doing the math...I'm only 21 now which means I've been sweet 16 for 5 times now...I Need an Oscar!). I've graduated from primary to high school to varsity...Literally become a woman!It hasn't changed nor improved. It's been stagnant.Nada results. If anything, It's worse than when I was 11. It pains me, brings me hurt, dulls my day, defeats me. I'm even tearing up thinking about it right now writing this (Don't worry I didn't cry). Does that mean that God is not good and He rejoices in my affliction? Nope! Did I give up? Yes, countless times. When was the last time I felt like giving up? Last night. Did I blame God? How could I not? Dry bones!Huh!I know those too well and so do you darling. The dead things in life;dead dreams and hopes. We identify with this valley of dead bones because we have dead circumstances like this.
Here's what the reality of my prayer looks like sometimes; 
Dear Lord, I know you're good but this don't feel good. I don't want to think that I may never understand how my broken heart is a part of your plan for my life. Somehow I still ended up in this deep dark place with no light. It's hard to count it all joy, distracted by the noise in my head, trying to make sense of all your promises. Will this glass house break? I'm loosening my grasp. I need this miracle so bad.
Have you had different versions of that prayer too? Stuck in the valley of dry bones huh? All Dried up and hopeless?


          Sometimes, I have so many questions as to why My Father in heaven would allow this suffering to continue for such a long time. Sometimes I fail to see the bigger picture which is to share eternity with Jesus. How about yu? Ever feel like when He says He'll come at the right time, it actually looks like a couple of forevers? But Here's the beautiful thing He is the God of the resurrection of dry bones; The God whose breath alone brings dead and inanimate things back to life. The God of an army out of the ashes; The God of Ezekiel is yours and my God...He is not any different and the centuries haven't changed or decreased His power. HE IS THE SAME GOD!

          I don't know when this will come to an end, I'm only human; I've lost my control over it but I have gained my freedom knowing He will raise my bones to life someday. He is my revival. When this God speaks, great things come to life; When He sighs, the wind (that brought life to the dead bones) becomes a sonnet. 
Notice how systematically the bones begun to join together(Ezekiel 37:8); the tendons and muscles covered the bones first and then the breath last. They did not just rise and become an army! (that woulda scared the life out of poor Ezzy)What does that translate into? That God is a God of order;of Process before promise. Honestly, through the years, my situation has made me wiser, stronger and has taught me the oh so hard meaning of Surrender. If it was any different, I'd be a very spoiled brat right now! I may want to see the end of this so badly but I know my journey there has made me the woman I am right now.
          Dearest, DON'T COVER UP YOUR DRY BONES! Not with excuses, not despair, nor cold feet, nor other people's opinions and worst of all Not with your laziness. Oh yes!I just said laziness!Because laziness to look up God's word makes us ignorant and ignorance makes us stranded in the Valley surrounded with dead bones. God wants us to step into the valley Un-afraid! Un-afraid to Speak dead things to Life. And Un-Afraid comes with speaking the word of God into your situations. And you cannot speak that which you know nothing about! The Almighty God is in you like He was in Ezzy! 

          You may also feel all dried up and worthless and lost in your sin but God can restore you back to life through His spirit and His word. There is hope! There is nothing too hard for God....You see the God that parted oceans to make a highway, dropped manna from heaven, showed up in form of a burning bush, muted the mouth of lions for Daniel and most beautifully raised His son from the dead...Honey, that's your God too and He notices you in a crowd of 10,000; He never misses a thing and He will bring new life to your dry bones.

Dear Lord,
We know you see us and our dry bones but out of these ashes may your army rise. May we feel you coming and hear your voice in the wind. Whatever is barren, may it bring forth offspring. Let it be love and patience that teach us to wait on you. However further we get away from the shores of our idea of safety into the ocean of trusting you, the faith that you've given us will sail us through. Whatever comes, We are content knowing that you are the God that brought dead decayed dried up bones to life So WE CALL OUT TO OUR DRY BONES TO COME ALIVE and we step into the valley UN-AFRAID. 
Yours, Your Sons and Daughters.

          Sometimes inspiration looks like a creatively crafted and woven tapestry that is so attractive And it helps for a moment and the next you are back to the ditch you were in AND My honest prayer is that you see Jesus between all my words and lines; beyond my stories, sarcasm and possibly dry humor, MAY YOU SEE AND FIND JESUS! HE REMAINS THE REASON! I love you for being here to read this. You can come back as many times as your time and internet connection allows. We gon' conquer this battles together, huh? I'm with you but most amazingly God is always with you. He loves you more than I ever will.
Keep smiling. You matter to Jesus and to me!
Be bold. Be Dauntless. Be you.


  1. Wooow, Pastor Njeri.. how does that sound?. that piece of writing is awesome. am blessed and in my mind, I was feeling like you were preaching already. God bless you dearie. keep writing.

    1. Hahah Pastor Njeri😁😁 It's sounds great! Maybe I'm alittle too young for that title but wherever He leads me at whatever Age! Thanks alot dearie for your kind words. God bless you!

  2. Am already blessed and inspired. He above still remembers n sees through my struggles. The crafting n weaving of words known as insiration seem real to me,, hahaa but atleast they make me feel great for a moment. Thanks for this post. Pierced me deeper.

    1. Thank you Thomas😊 Glad you stopped by 😃

  3. Hi. I know its a little late to be commenting on this article, but hey! Great article, seriously the only way to tell God not to make these bones com alive is to keep blogging more. Ama niaje.

    1. It's never late Writers! Thank you. God bless.


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