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How to grow closer to God

When we establish ties with someone, we do everything we can to make the relationship work through constant communication and spending quality time together. Our relationship with God is no different and we must put in the work and effort for it to work. 

Jeremiah 29 verse 13 says, “You will seek me and you will find me if you seek me with all your heart.” To seek means to attempt to find something which translates to mean that it is up-to you to look for ways to find God.

James 4 verse 8 says, “Draw close to God and He will draw close to you.”
So how do we draw close to God?

1.     Be very intentional about spending time with Him
You must be very deliberate about making time for God in your busy schedule. If you believe that you are too busy to give Him your time then it means you have no desire to see your relationship work because we make time for the things we love and want.

Make conscious effort to spend time with Jesus. Set a specific time in your schedule where it’s all about you and Him; to learn from His word, listen to Him and pray. Turn off every notification, switch off your phone if you need to and keep away every distraction. Distraction is the enemy of Quiet time with Jesus. Where there's distraction, there is no progress. Fellowship or communion with Jesus is the foundation upon which your life will stand.

2.     Read your Bible
The Bible reveals God’s heart, mind, promises and History. If you want to know God, you must read His word. If you want to grow in your knowledge of Him, you must read His word.

God’s word teaches, encourages, inspires, guides, educates, corrects and convicts. It is living word that is written for you so that you always have God’s voice with you to help you with everyday decisions.

Be organized in the way you read the Bible because waking up and bumping into scriptures puts you at the risk of being a buffet Christian who Cherry picks scripture. There are tonnes of resources online to help you with organization; You could download The YouVersion Bible Reading App that has loads of reading plans or you can download devotionals like the Spurgeon’s devotional or Daily Bread.

3.     Fall in Love With God
When you fall in love with someone, everything about them fascinates you and you become curious about who they are and what they like. Why do the most for earthly people and not with the one who made you?

Be genuinely interested in knowing God for who He is and not what you could get out of it. Look at Him like the Father He is; your best friend and cheerleader. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you; what He loves, what breaks His heart and you will soon desire to be just like Him. When you fall in love with Jesus, you start to love His ways, His word and His humor.

4.     Look for Him in everything and everywhere
For you to enjoy your relationship with God, you must look for Him everywhere and in every situation. John Bevere once said that The Holy Spirit is the most ignored person because we don’t make use of Him as our helper. Don’t try and go through days on your own when you have the Holy Spirit. Have conversations about anything and everything; shopping, what to eat, who to befriend, when to help.

God’s breath is in everything He made therefore don’t just exist in His environment but Live and thrive. Open your spirit to be one with creation; listen to the birds, the wind, look at the sky, be in awe of how the ocean kisses the beach back and forth. God is everywhere; not just in church and your room. Look for Him and you will find Him.

        5. Establish fellowship with other believers
Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another." 
If you want to grow, you don't hang out with people who are not growing. It is very crucial to surround yourself with people who are focused on who God is so that y'all can encourage each other to grow spiritually. Are your friends constantly searching the things of God or are they okay with what they already know? 

You need people who will challenge you, encourage you and stand by you. There will be times when your faith and belief in God will be tested and other times, you won't have the strength to pray; That is why you need born again friends who go through the motions with you. You must also be this friend that you seek for. It's such a beautiful thing when we grow closer to God with our friends.

Do you have any additional practical ways we can get closer to God? If so, please leave a comment down below because I would be delighted to learn from you as well. We are in this together.

I love you. God is crazy about you. Be bold. Be courageous. Let your light shine so bright for the world to see. Listen to So will by Hillsong United. 


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