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Beautifully Broken

Odd title...huh? I thought so too when I once heard it from a sermon by Pastor John Gray and No,I Am not about to copy paste the good brother's words in this post.I took the title and meditated and it my own meaning and this one goes deep bruh..and my sister girls (I see you;looking all beautiful).....We about to go all 50 shades beautifully vulnerable right about now....Ready to read?...I know I'm ready to bring the walls down darling!...Are you? (I hope you are acting excited lol)

's been long since I updated the blog and my apologies to the wonderful people that kept reminding me to do so! (I would steal the moon for y'all like Gru from despicable me2) .It's a blessing when people become your cheerleaders in the work you do.My excuse was I was busy with school but I don't think that holds any weight though I'm practically a nerdy bookworm(Super-curious about a lot of stuff) .Thing is,I Write when I know I got something of value …

Just Call It Grace

My Mess to Message kinda vibe

Dauntless basically means fearless.I decided to re-name the blog to dauntless because that is exactly how I know The father wants me to feel.When I started this blog,I never wanted it to be about me but about The one in me and everything I know about Him.Trust me,that is still the agenda but with this post I want to get more personal and candid with you;The wonderful person who has taken time of your schedule to read this.I appreciate your being here and your existence means a whole lot to this world;Just wait and see the person you'll blossom into.You better add an An Amen to that sister/brother!(I laughed saying that last part,I never call people that in real life)

          My biggest insecurity until recently was acceptance which I highlighted in the very first post but I did not get to the root of it.All my life I always wondered if I was ever good enough to accomplish anything to be talked about.I felt the less prettier one in the class because everyone had a perfect pair of…