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Dear future bestfriend(technically husband)

''...then the lord God made woman from the rib he had taken out of man and he brought her to the man...'' Genesis 2:22

       Man,i do not even know where to begin as I write this.There is so much to say and we are working on faith here which fuels my confidence that you exist.I have no doubt in my mind that you actually exist.I am quite the girly girl here who grew up literally watching every disney story with a happy ending and repeatedly sinking in ice cream and popcorn as i watched cinderella in hope that one day,I too will have a prince charming who will come riding on a beautiful carriage and my union with him would give me a direct ticket to royalty.
      Those were the fantancies of a young damsel who knew no life outside disney world.I  grew up,became a teenager and hello Pop culture!I promise you this made my childhood beliefs seem more real.Everyone famous had somebody so good-looking for a spouse and i need to mention the Highschool musical movie tha…

Works in progress

One look at a skyscraper(a multistorey building of exceptional height)and you are in awe of the height,the grace and the power it beholds as it stands overlooking other minor buildings in the city.The only thing you are sure about is the longevity of its construction.Its strong and mighty therefore it must have taken a lot of time and effort to come into play and be the magnificent view it is.Construction personnel definitely gave it their all knowing the seriousness a building of that caliber holds.It took the best architects in the land to design it and watch it become eye-candy for all who would set their eyes on it.The anchorage digs deep into the ground as far as you would imagine.Its existence in the city contributes to the aesthetic beauty which amazes first-timers on that very ground it stands upon.
             I am definitely no architect or real estate guru who is a genius in all things skyscrapers.Apparently,I totally flopped in math and physics which would be t…

A Love So Scandalous

A scandal is almost never a good thing every time it occurs and the persons involved are either having their dirty linen aired out in public or someone decided to leak information that strips them of their dignity. All the scandals i have heard of have been topics for days in society with people expressing their disbelief and shock and just weird talk on how people involved are contributing to the rot in their society.It is during that 'scandal period' where most people not affected view themselves as self-righteous with cheap talk from their mouths on how they can never 'do something like that' or be caught in circumstances that are potential hazards to their reputation.
      I am not giving my thesis on what scandals are.The point I'm trying to drive home here is that nobody on a good day loves a scandal especially if you are a famous person but hey even us unknown people would never want anything that shames us in public.Allow me to present a good kind …

Starve your fears

Fear is the enemy of all our dreams and hopes.It is a virus that eats into our systems leaving messed up confidence levels.Fear is dramatically powerful and capable of ruining our lives.I know these questions sound familiar to us all..what if it does not work? what if he does not like me? what if i fail? what if I'm rejected?
           Well,that was my dilemma before starting this blog.Those little evil voices in my head telling me that I am not good enough to do a proper write-up.I literally felt like i would never fit in anywhere.It is hard to tell yourself to rise up when all odds are against you and when you feel defeated.
         When i was growing up,I had a lot of fear.My childhood basically involved television all day,all week which meant i had no social life outside school.We lived in a school where my dad was a teacher and i was apparently a student there too.It was located in the interior so after schools closed i was all alone given the fact that i am an only child.I…