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A Love So Scandalous


        A scandal is almost never a good thing every time it occurs and the persons involved are either having their dirty linen aired out in public or someone decided to leak information that strips them of their dignity. All the scandals i have heard of have been topics for days in society with people expressing their disbelief and shock and just weird talk on how people involved are contributing to the rot in their society.It is during that 'scandal period' where most people not affected view themselves as self-righteous with cheap talk from their mouths on how they can never 'do something like that' or be caught in circumstances that are potential hazards to their reputation.
        I am not giving my thesis on what scandals are.The point I'm trying to drive home here is that nobody on a good day loves a scandal especially if you are a famous person but hey even us unknown people would never want anything that shames us in public.Allow me to present a good kind of scandal that might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.A SCANDALOUS LOVE!
         This kind of love was presented to us over 2000 years ago on a wooden cross .Why call it scandalous? Because it was outrageous,monstrous and shocking.On that fateful day,Jesus Christ took all our guilt,shame,insecurities,pain,sickness and after three days exchanged it all for LOVE.Nobody in their right minds would die for a whole generation let alone a fellow being.We humans are selfish and if it does not benefit us then we don't see reason to do it.This man however,full of so much love for us decided to take it all in His stride to give us reason to live and have hope.
        Once we understand what this love did for our sake then we are capable of living in utter freedom.The best part is that nothing can separate this love from us.It is unstoppable and undeniable.It is so huge that you and I got to see another Un-promised day.Love wakes you up,sees you through the day and tucks you in bed at night.It ensures that you have all you need.
        On the eve of my 20th birthday,i decided to do something foolish.After all i was finally a certified 'Lady'. I was so bored so i decided to join my very new friends for a night out somewhere.During that period,I had taken the front seat and let Jesus sort Himself in the back.In short,I was trying to be a rebel.I trusted these new 'friends' of mine who apparently did not have the best intentions for me but my need for acceptance(story for another day)drove me to hang out with the cool crowd and get 'wasted'. At around 3am in the night,these people asked me to leave because i would not agree to do all the 'cool' stuff they had in store for me so i left.It was in the middle of literally nowhere and there I was walking alone in the dark at this ungodly hour not knowing the start from the end of the road.I cried and asked God to forgive me(typical guilty human behavior) and i found myself at the end of a road with girls half naked doing their thing as you would imagine.
        I felt like one of those girls except the fact that i was ashamed of myself.Good news is that,i found a 'tuk tuk' that took me home which cost me around 700sh so you can imagine how far my place was.I got home safe and sound and whole.The next day,my friend warned me that it wasn't safe to travel after 2am with 'tuktuks' because allegedly girls were getting gang-raped by the drivers.It was such a shocker.Here i was the previous night at 3am,all alone in the 'tuk tuk' for like 30 minutes and nothing had happened to me.It brought me to tears that because of this LOVE,I was whole despite my poor choices. It was always there to protect me.
       Love was with me all the way on that dark road and it ensured that i got to bed that night.Friends,that to me passes as SCANDALOUS.Even in our foolishness,God still loves us.He never leaves even when we shut the door at Him because He loves us.In our weaknesses,He loves us.It does not have to take tragedy for you to realize that He loves you.Embrace it today and live like Love was all worth it at the cross.Do not ever condemn yourself and feel like you are worthless because God's love for you will never run out.He loves the broken,the sinners and the helpless.Your past or your present are not the gauge of how far Love would go to make you happy.It does not even matter whether anyone cares about you because He loves you regardless.
      This kind of Love is everlasting,unending,unaltered,pure,relentless and it is all for you darling.Accept it because it is going to happen anyway even when you don't want it to.That kind of Love is the scandal you NEED all day,every single day.It will surprise you,educate you,protect and fight for you.Acknowledge the presence of this supernatural phenomenon and allow yourself to receive some good good loving.
Keep smiling.You Matter.


  1. Such a good post! Cheers to more revelation to come!

  2. cheers darling! and thank you *wink*

  3. Such a deep post...awesome work. Perfect

  4. aawee! thankie so much bff.Humbled.

  5. The grace of God in Christ Jesus, that undeserved favour we receive everyday keeps us going. The love of God depicted on the cross as you say took all scandals away from us to make us pure as snow and right with God. God bless you Shallie and give you more revelation.

  6. The grace of God in Christ Jesus, that undeserved favour we receive everyday keeps us going. The love of God depicted on the cross as you say took all scandals away from us to make us pure as snow and right with God. God bless you Shallie and give you more revelation.

  7. This was the eye-opener. I have never looked at the love of God as scandalous but the way you put, it is. I have also found myself wasted, unquenched and treading where angels dread. And then Christ , out of his unending love takes me to safety.


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