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            One look at a skyscraper(a multistorey building of exceptional height)and you are in awe of the height,the grace and the power it beholds as it stands overlooking other minor buildings in the city.The only thing you are sure about is the longevity of its construction.Its strong and mighty therefore it must have taken a lot of time and effort to come into play and be the magnificent view it is.Construction personnel definitely gave it their all knowing the seriousness a building of that caliber holds.It took the best architects in the land to design it and watch it become eye-candy for all who would set their eyes on it.The anchorage digs deep into the ground as far as you would imagine.Its existence in the city contributes to the aesthetic beauty which amazes first-timers on that very ground it stands upon.
             I am definitely no architect or real estate guru who is a genius in all things skyscrapers.Apparently,I totally flopped in math and physics which would be the possible gauge of how much i know about the engineering of buildings.God did bless me in other fields however *smiles* like writing.
            Anyway,the skyscraper is just a metaphor of we humans.The only difference is that our construction is directed by our Father who is God unlike the human architects.He is the author of the blueprint,the executor and the final overseer of every bit of construction in our lives.God did not create us to be mere buildings in the large city of approximately 7billion other buildings.In Him,we find the distinction;we become the tall beautiful skyscrapers people admire.Ordinary buildings hardly catch anyone's attention and they come up as by-the-ways even when giving directions because they never stand out from the crowd.
          We must understand that nothing gigantic,bold and beautiful is built in a day.They even say Rome was not built in a day.It is all a process that is MANDATORY.The foundation has to be right to prevent any future break-downs in case of potential earthquakes.
           It is the same with God working in our lives.We often want the quickest solutions to everything;a luxurious lifestyle with everything screaming ''Look world,i made it big!'' Social media especially Instagram has made us slaves to a kind of mentality that there people out there who have everything but don't forget that people showcase the best of their lives and not the happenings behind closed doors.Nobody will post a selfie of a battered face from an untold story somewhere.There are suddenly quick solutions to everything and we get caught up in the motions and hate ourselves when it does not work out.
          I am 20 years old right now and at times I forget that I am at a phase where I should not have everything figured out.There will be another season after this and another.I have days where i wonder what my purpose is on this earth and other days of self-condemnation with a tickling reminder that everyone else looks perfect but me.It's all human to compare and contrast our lives with those of others but never forget we are all at different levels of construction.It does not matter if you are 18 or 80,the master architect has a plan for your life and he is working it all out for your good.
        Stick to your own lane and let God work in you.You are a work in progress and I assure you that God did not create junk.He wanted you to be the highest skyscraper of all times.The never fading beauty,the never-failing champion and the always strong child of His;Yes,YOU.Don't go through life beating yourself up because nothing seems to work out but through prayer and supplication present your needs to God who is faithful enough to see you to the very end.
         There will be days of storms and severe sunshine during your construction but darling trust the one who began it all.Some days,you will feel defeated and unworthy and all those other guilty feelings but darling you will be okay in the very end.Remember to keep the faith and worry about nothing at all.It was all finished at the cross for only you so The earth and all that is in it is your rightful inheritance.
         There will be other prettier,better looking,wiser,more talented people out there(which is a fact) but out of 7billion souls,none has your fingerprint,your personality or the same destiny as yours.God took time out to ensure you were different and he placed his mark of greatness and everything He represents on you.
        It will take time for you to be all you ever dreamed of and everything The father ordained for your life but though it may tarry,it will surely come to pass.Hold on and know that the result of your construction will amaze not only you but the world in general.Your talents and gifts will take you before thrones and royalty.All that you have to do is Believe.
Keep smiling.You matter.


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