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So you like buffets? Well, God ain't one honey!

Its pronounced as boo-fay in British English or if you like bah-fay in American English BUT it's not ba-fet or bu-fet😉. I Know this how? I've been there before and said ''We are having a bafet!''😂 Such savagery. Food! The magic in that word man! Fooo-oo-oo- dd! *insert some hype repetitive beat and a King Julian dance* 💃💃There! More like it. I am a foodie. A big foodie. Ashamed? Not a chance in the world. The only downside to my love for food is that, I could easily gain 10 pounds by lustfully looking at a fruit cake across the counter😭. The irony of this is that yes I love food but I hardly ever have much of it unless of course its samosas😋. Goodness! Abolfalz Beyhaqi was such a genius for the samosa mention in Tarikh-e Beyhaghi in the 10th century. Without you sir, I would have never known the piece of heaven in those small things😀. For the record, I don't know that dude either. His name is so hard, why would I know him??…

Set-All-In Instead of Settling!

But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold       Someone to give me the jacket when it's cold Got that young love even when we're old Sometimes I want someone to grab my hand Pick me up, pull me close be my Man I will love you till the end. Lyrics from Dear No-one by Tori Kelly.
           I am not the type that fills my playlist with love songs because it will make me go from being on top of the world lip-syncing to moody to texting my favorite ex to crying when I start over-thinking why I'm single PLUS I Love the taste and sound of praise and worship on my lips all the time. But You know when a song has so much depth and nakedness of truth such that it hurts and at the same time it's pleasurable? You wanna cry and laugh at the same darn time. Oxymoron, I know. So, this girl Tori Kelly whom I love just had me feeling some typa way with this song. That itch to have the soulmate around, talking drowning depths of the future with 3 kids in it...My Emerald,My Ruby…

Will these Dead Dry bones Come to life?

You might want to borrow some chills from the cool folk before reading this first paragraph(It's just a heads up yoh)

What if God told you to go to a cemetery and speak to the graves there and call the decayed bones to Life?(Don't shoot me with emoji guns just yet; I'm going somewhere with this)
I dunno about you but me...I'd first laugh sarcastically(that evil laugh) then cry then cry more and beg Him to change the assignment. I mean seriously...Who wants to see a zombie apocalypse and renaissance erupt and act totally cool with it?!You know those films Holywood shamelessly lies to us about?Inter alia Z Nation, The Walking Dead, iZombie and The Strain...Imagine those coming in 3D in real life!No Thank you!Father Send me to the Lions instead like Daniel which is also alittle freaky....bleh!I coulda done it!(*cue in Obama's Yes I Can slogan*) I mean...they just little lions without teeth,right dad? 
God: No they are real mighty teethed lions child!
God: But y…

Depressed to Deeper-Rest

Beautiful and Un-Ashamed

''Aaaih Shallom,Acha kujifanya venye wewe ni Christian!?''(Shallom please stop pretending how much of a christian you are!)
   ''So you like a blogger now?'' ....ME:''Yes I Am''...''What do you blog about?''....ME:''Jesus''....''Haiyaa acha uongo...Weuwee!Hukai aki!'' (Stop lying,you don't look like doing that)
   ''Heeeh Shallom naskia you write about unidropie ka-line hivi ka inspiration ka kuniencourage ndio niamini!'' (Drop me a christian line so that I can believe you)
   ''Waah to be completely honest,I don't have any hot chicks in my phone book who are born again!''
   ''You are too preety for a church girl!''

           Yes honey!My first name is Shallom which i love for it means Peace.I However stopped popularising it when peeps would call me Shallom Jerusalem!(like...ile Shallom ya Bible? Oh Shallom Brethren) Sha…