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They just don't get it:Only He does

Men,wouldn't it be nice if on a slow nice evening after a long day in your chill-out zone with the boys, a beautiful lady, ebony Pocahontas hair, comes up to you, slowly starts to massage your feet with her very expensive Hypnotic poison (pun intended)designer perfume oil by Christian Dior?(Don't worry I also don't know the perfume...i just googled and it sounded expensive lol) Her very tears become the water that she uses to clean off the dust on your feet, nobody has kissed your feet before but she does it with pleasure and her long to-die for hair becomes her feet towel. Just for you man! The boys start to get green with envy and wonder why not them.You can hear them rumble and complain from where you seat about how you don't know the woman and why she wasted her oil on you.But you just don't care what they say. Only you understands the value of what she's doing and how it feels...Kindly let's not pretend you wouldn't like a piece of that …