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Burn the bridges:Let them Go!

Imagine if God said to you one morning: (PS: It's just an imagination)
''Wakey wakey Eggs and Bakey sweet Cakey...Good morning child.I know you slept well 'coz daaah I watched over you. We need to talk.''
   Then you say,'' Good morning Daddy. Talk about what exactly? We talk all the time.''
He continues,''I ain't seeing where our relationship is going cupcake.You were in the club last night getting all ratchet and checking my other creation out;I'm a jealous God. I just can't love someone like you.You are not faithful to me.Do we even need to start with how nagging you get when you pray?Girl/Dude,you is just a twisted mess!Do you remember last week?You snobbed me the whole darn week with cold replies and lots of 'K's' in your messages...I was like ''Honey,don't lie to me about you making out with that guy/girl thinking i didn't see you...daah I'm everywhere remember? And you still lied to my fa…