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Beautiful and Un-Ashamed

''Aaaih Shallom,Acha kujifanya venye wewe ni Christian!?''(Shallom please stop pretending how much of a christian you are!)
   ''So you like a blogger now?'' ....ME:''Yes I Am''...''What do you blog about?''....ME:''Jesus''....''Haiyaa acha uongo...Weuwee!Hukai aki!'' (Stop lying,you don't look like doing that)
   ''Heeeh Shallom naskia you write about unidropie ka-line hivi ka inspiration ka kuniencourage ndio niamini!'' (Drop me a christian line so that I can believe you)
   ''Waah to be completely honest,I don't have any hot chicks in my phone book who are born again!''
   ''You are too preety for a church girl!''

           Yes honey!My first name is Shallom which i love for it means Peace.I However stopped popularising it when peeps would call me Shallom Jerusalem!(like...ile Shallom ya Bible? Oh Shallom Brethren) Sha…