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Beautiful and Un-Ashamed

     ''Aaaih Shallom,Acha kujifanya venye wewe ni Christian!?''(Shallom please stop pretending how much of a christian you are!)
   ''So you like a blogger now?'' ....ME:''Yes I Am''...''What do you blog about?''....ME:''Jesus''....''Haiyaa acha uongo...Weuwee!Hukai aki!'' (Stop lying,you don't look like doing that)
   ''Heeeh Shallom naskia you write about unidropie ka-line hivi ka inspiration ka kuniencourage ndio niamini!'' (Drop me a christian line so that I can believe you)
   ''Waah to be completely honest,I don't have any hot chicks in my phone book who are born again!''
   ''You are too preety for a church girl!''

           Yes honey!My first name is Shallom which i love for it means Peace.I However stopped popularising it when peeps would call me Shallom Jerusalem!(like...ile Shallom ya Bible? Oh Shallom Brethren) Shallie is just a fancy thing someone decided to call me and Njeri Gichuki makes me feel like a grown up so I use it and Beatrice is also my second English name and its mostly used when I want people to think I was born somewhere in when someone new with an accent is like,''What's your name?''....And I'm like...''Shallom Beatrice''...When they proceed to ask...''Are you Kenyan?''...then I know mission accomplished(wameingia box). Lol,don't give me that stare! I Am very patriotic and so in love with everything that is Kenyan!I only saw Massachusetts in geography class..on that big round world blue ball thingie that always stayed in the staffroom...I Guess I'm getting out of topic....pssst....Free world!
          When I was growing up,I never smiled often because my teeth were crooked.I always had social anxiety and so when i told peeps I'm born-again...they'd say...''Unakaa tu''(you just look like...haha that sounds like direct translation)...I remember a day when a friend was taking pictures and he told everyone to smile and Immediately said sorry to me because he thought it offensive to ask me to smile.In High school,I wore these baggy long skirts because there was a certain way 'us C.U people' had to look.In short,my whole life I always believed that because I'm Christian then I should not even think of nice cute things like lace or lipstick.Long story short...growing up did do me lots of Good,I practised smiling in the mirror(it helped me build my confidence in public) but darling not without God constantly saying to me that ''Yes baby girl,you are Beautiful''...When I Started to believe it,It really did get to me but careful not to let pride get in the way-Ezekiel 28:17-18.Trust me,an encounter with God cannot leave you the same because it changes you from the inside out.You start to reflect His beauty,His peace,His magnificence.

          So I have been told all the above!(First paragraph)It's not something I heard somewhere.Can you be too fly to be born again?...too hot to even speak of Jesus?...too preety to proclaim that you love Jesus? Before I write this and you read it...I want you to know that I Am basing beauty from Psalms 139:14-I WILL PRAISE YOU BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WONDERFULLY AND REMARKABLY MADE.YOUR WORKS ARE WONDERFUL AND I KNOW THIS VERY WELL(Holman Christian Bible)...I am not declaring beautiful because a cute guy somewhere said it,a group of idlers chanted it,a girl liked my hair,a facebook picture got so many likes,or an over-burdened with life rich and smelling of old age Man weirdly winked at me with wrinkled eyes. I DECLARE it because My God;My Creator said It! 

          This is a personal article because I Am tired of stereotypes.Are born again christians supposed to be Uglier than lucifer? (That thing is as ugly as the hell it lives in)Wear pleated haleluyah long sweeping dresses and skirts? Have these faces whose only gospel they know is that of Vaseline and mafuta ya ng'ombe? Should they be very fat because if they had abs and biceps then it is not godly?Are the girls supposed to have no hair and if they do it ought to be hard like those stones grandma uses for her feet?(gakumutha) Someone please tell me whether wearing heels and putting on that red classic red shade of lipstick makes you too cool for church? If I put on make up then
honey I am not supposed to cry out in church when worshipping because it's embarrassing to the one I came with!If I Am born again then I'm supposed to just be really miserable,sad and lonely and always waiting on the Lord for a miracle?!Who freaking  made this book of preposterous rules?!

         To be A Beautiful/Handsome young born again Christian?What in the freak is that?....In today's world,This means you are the original freakazoid!If you thought Edward Scizzorhands and Frankeistein were weirdos then you haven't seen the attractive church going christians! I mean are you crazy or just plain stupid to waste all that in church? C'mon,do you even know where your face, your figure,your sweet smile and charm can take you? Dude,don't you realize that you can get laid every darn night without even trying? You are clearly just tripping thinking all those church peeps and Jesus will give you the world while you got a world that adores your behind before your brains,your profile picture before your personality and your face before your faith.

         The God in Me is greater than He that's in the world.The God in me has called me to be Beautiful for Him.The God in me Has set his mark of greatness on me.He has made me a riddle wrapped up in an mysterious in my womanhood that before a man decodes me..He must first Know Him that coded my heart,my face and everything in me.Such a burning flame and wave of light and sparkle that nobody can put out.He gives me wisdom to adorn like a royal gown and when I start to speak of Him,they look at me with a wonder in their eyes.Such a beautiful mess but blessed nonetheless...For All these, I AM UN-ASHAMED OF JESUS.
 UN-ASHAMED that A king in all His glory took my wretched place at the cross:He took the pain,the saliva spits,the insults,the beating,the blame for the likes of me.UN-ASHAMED that it is Him I Love to write and talk about. UN-ASHAMED that Jesus is the reason I dress up and show up because HE IS THE REASON! UN-ASHAMED to be a carrier of  your fragrance Jesus for others to savor and smell for you have made my steps confident.

          Darling!Break the stereotype!You have nothing to be ashamed of if you are Team Jesus.Yes,He has made us beautiful like Him but please don't rate this splendor by what Instagram is showing you or face book is telling you.It is so much more than feeding off cheap and sleezy hype from people that just want a piece of you.Let us rise up and be the remnants of God's goodness and use what we have for His glory.

If nobody told you that you look good then open that bible you reserve for sunday mid-morning and look up what God says about you. But beyond the face,beyond the make-up,beyond your toned abs,beyond your expensive garments....Let it be Jesus! And be so beautifully un-ashamed about it! Declare it,talk about it,post about it even if they won't like it...Live it,sing it,be it.Oh yes!It is allowed to show up as a christian looking like million dollar bills or like something out of a movie but don't show up all ratchet and trashy in the name of ''only God can judge me!'' Stay classy God's way.
Honey,you ain't too cute to pray;Dude,you will never be too dope to worship.You are not too pretty little miss to not got to church.
Feel beautiful,be beautiful and act Beautiful -GOD'S WAY- for our God is full of Beauty.Isaiah 28:5.
Be Bold.Be Dauntless.Be You. 
Keep Smiling.You matter.


  1. .. am a hunk and unashamed n i'll keep smiling.. haha,
    It's an awesuuuum piece Shallie, leaves a reader inspired, today's world is kinda tough, with all the trends, peeps can wallow in the wave you know.. am glad you are a remnant of the hot ladies who still stand up for Jesus. keep on doing what you are good at...
    the best of luck to as the voting in of this blog goes on. The award is yours. cheers.

  2. Amazing script. I love it


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