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Dear Younger Me...

Dear Beautiful girl,

I call you beautiful because that is not a word you would use to describe yourself. There is a little girl who will walk up-to you on your 23rd Birthday at Big Square and tell you that you are beautiful. There is a stranger who will leave you a note in the library telling you that you are beautiful. You will one day truly believe that you are beautiful. Stop hiding that smile because you think your dentition is crooked. Let them mock you for it but don't take it to heart. Yes, you are a bit chubby now but over time you will blossom into a very fine young woman - curves and allπŸ˜πŸ’ƒ You are not your body weight. Those boys making fun of you in school and calling you 'kanono' will one day hit your Social media DM's confessing their undying loveπŸ˜πŸ˜’. 

Keep off all those Mexican Soap Operas because in real life William Levy is married (And not to Maria😲) so he cannot marry you (sorry girl😭) You will know all the details when you get the internet. Those …